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Ecohydrology is an interdisciplinary field studying the interactions between water and ecosystems and its utilization for enhancing environmental sustainability. With the growing concerns in nature conservation with increasing human activity/urban growth, there is a dramatic increase in research activities studying the changes of our ecosystems and its impacts vice versa. Apart from geosciences point of view, these studies also come from fundamental scientific fields like physics, biology, chemistry, as well as from engineering and social aspects. The planned handbook consist of 5 individual volumes aiming to provide a comprehensive overview about the state of the art of nowadays ecohydrological studies: fundamental concepts, practical monitoring methods, modeling studies, as well as special topics in water-limited environments. Each volume will be edited by well-known expect(s) in the field, bringing in international author for each chapter. The book is structured in a way that is appropriate for advanced graduate students and professionals in diverse scientific and engineering communities devoted to relevant fields, including geoscience, chemistry biochemistry, biology, as well as various engineering disciplines. Although the handbook is planned to be published in series, each volume will provides a self-contained description of its topic and with standard and consistent format across each volume. Volume 1: Water and Ecosystems Volume 2: Observation and Measurement of Ecohydrological Processes Volume 3: Water-Limited Environments Volume 4: Integrated Ecohydrological Modeling Volume 5: River Basin Management

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  • Chunmiao Zheng,
  • Guodong Cheng,
  • Bojie Fu

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