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The Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna is a scientific society dedicated to Logotherapy, Existential Analysis and Meaning-Oriented Psychotherapy and its neighbouring disciplines (existential psychiatry, existential social psychology, etc.). It was founded by Viktor Frankl, author of the bestseller Man’s Search for Meaning, and one of the founding fathers of contemporary existential psychology and psychiatry (and logotherapy and existential analysis, also called the third Viennese school of psychotherapy). The Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna is head institution of about 95 research and teaching institutions worldwide (about a quarter of them situated in a University setting), with members numbering several thousands. Currently, there is no international outlet available for the research of these institutions. Therefore, it is planned to publish a Series/Yearbook/Proceedings of the Viktor Frankl Institute. The Proceedings/Yearbook shall be published annually. Articles will be peer-reviewed and will cover the following areas: Theoretical perspectives on existential psychology / Empirical studies on existential psychology, psychotherapy, and psychiatry / Case studies in existential psychology. Additionally, it is planned to include (unpublished) articles/lectures by Viktor Frankl, or letter exchanges from the private Viktor Frankl Archives (which the first editor is director of). Correspondence includes Frankl with Gordon W. Allport, Binswanger, Heidegger, Jaspers, Sophie Freud, Alexandra Adler, etc. pp.

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  • Alexander Batthyany

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  1. Logotherapy and Existential Analysis

    Proceedings of the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna, Volume 1

    • Alexander Batthyány
    • Copyright: 2016

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