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New & Forthcoming Titles | Coloproctology



Series Ed.: Ratto, Carlo

ISSN: 2511-817X

Series Editor: Ratto, Carlo; Series Co-Editors: Parello, Angelo, Litta, Francesco

Coloproctology is a modern discipline covering a vast area of medicine, including all diseases and disorders of the colon, rectum, and anus. Physicians and non-physician personnel are very interested in the field owing to the high prevalence of these clinical conditions in the general population, the severity of secondary symptoms and/or disabilities, the diagnostic and therapeutic issues, and the personal and social implications. In particular, a variety of specialties and subspecialties are involved in the clinical management of colon and anorectal diseases/disorders, which frequently entails a multidisciplinary approach. This book series will provide detailed coverage of a wide range of topics in Coloproctology, focusing particularly on recently introduced and emerging diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. Each volume will be a reference work on a specific disease or disorder. The core aim is to provide a sound and productive basis for clinical practice, and to this end some of the most highly regarded experts worldwide will contribute as co-editors and authors. The series will also help researchers and all those interested in the field to identify key issues in Coloproctology in order to foster the development and implementation of further new technologies.