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SpringerBriefs in Philosophy of Science will consist of original works in the philosophy of science that present new research results or techniques that are of broad instructional significance at the graduate and advanced undergraduate levels. Topics covered will include (but not be limited to): Formal epistemology Cognitive foundations of science Metaphysics of models, laws, and theories Philosophy of biology Philosophy of chemistry Philosophy of mathematics Philosophy of physics Philosophy of psychology Philosophy of the social sciences The series is intended to bridge the gap between journal articles and books and monographs. Manuscripts that are too long for journals but either too specialized or too short for books will find their natural home in this series. These will include suitably edited versions of lectures and workshop presentations that develop original perspectives on the philosophy of science that merit wide circulation because of the novelty of approach. The length of each volume will be 75 -125 published pages. Editor-in-Chief Sahotra Sarkar Editorial Advisory Board Hannes Leitgeb, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität—München Samir Okasha, University of Bristol Laura Ruetsche, University of Michigan—Ann Arbor Andrea Woody, University of Washington—Seattle Managing Editor Derek Anderson
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