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The series situates contemporary development processes and outcomes in Asia in a global context. State intervention as well as neoliberal policies have created unusual economic and social development opportunities. There are also serious setbacks for marginalized communities, workers, the environment, and social justice. The rise of China, India, and new dynamism of South Korea, Indonesia, and Vietnam in East and South East Asia have given a new meaning to Asian development dynamics. Japan’s energetic ties with India and Vietnam, Korea joining the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee, and China and India’s investments and foreign aid in Africa and Latin America are some of the new processes of development whose impact transcends the vast Asian region. Globalization compounds uneven development, affecting macroeconomic stability, internal and international migration, class and caste dynamics, gender relations, regional parity, education and health, agriculture and rural employment, informal sector, innovation possibilities, and equity. Thus the series views development studies as an unfinished agenda of economic, social, political, cultural interactions, and possible transformations in a fluid policy and global contexts. The editor, with the assistance of a distinguished group of development scholars from Asia and elsewhere specializing in a variety of disciplinary and thematic areas, welcomes proposals that critically assess the above-mentioned wide-ranging developing issues facing Asian societies. With Asia’s contemporary transformation, the series promotes the understanding of Asia’s influence on the prospects of development elsewhere. The editor encourages interdisciplinary, heterodox approaches within the social sciences, and comparative work with solid theoretically informed empirical research. Critical development policy debates in Asia and regional governance issues that have a bearing on development outcomes are also sought.
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  • Anthony P. D'Costa

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