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Mathematics for Industry

Mathematics for Industry

Editor-in-chief: Wakayama, Masato
Series Editors: Anderssen, R.S., Baryshnikov, Y., Bauschke, H.H., Broadbridge, P., Cheng, J., Chyba, M., Cottet, G.-H., Cuminato, J.A., Ei, S.-i., Fukumoto, Y., Hosking, J.R.M., Jofré, A., Kimura, M., Landman, K., McKibbin, R., Parmeggiani, A., Pipher, J., Polthier, K., Saeki, O., Schilders, W., Shen, Z., Toh, K.C., Verbitskiy, E., Yoshida, N.

ISSN: 2198-350X

In Memory

It is with very deep sadness and regret that we note the sudden and unexpected demise of Geoffrey (Geoff) Norman Mercer on Saturday, April 12, 2014, at the age of 51. For us, the editorial members of this series Mathematics for Industry, and the many others who had the highest regards for Geoff's unselfish and creative contributions to colleagues, to the mathematical and epidemiological communities and to cutting edge research, it is a devastating loss. The importance of his various contributions and insightful ideas, which are already having significant impact on research-education activity of Mathematics-for-Industry, will never be forgotten.

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