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This book series collates key contributions to a fast-developing field of education research. It is an international forum for theoretical and empirical studies exploring new and existing methods of collecting, analyzing, and reporting data from educational measurements and assessments. Covering a high-profile topic from multiple viewpoints, it aims to foster a broader understanding of fresh developments as innovative software tools and new concepts such as competency models and skills diagnosis continue to gain traction in educational institutions around the world. Methodology of Educational Measurement and Assessment offers readers reliable critical evaluations, reviews and comparisons of existing methodologies alongside authoritative analysis and commentary on new and emerging approaches. It will showcase empirical research on applications, examine issues such as reliability, validity, and comparability, and help keep readers up to speed on developments in statistical modeling approaches. The fully peer-reviewed publications in the series cover measurement and assessment at all levels of education and feature work by academics and education professionals from around the world. Providing an authoritative central clearing-house for research in a core sector in education, the series forms a major contribution to the international literature.
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  • Bernard Veldkamp,
  • Matthias von Davier

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