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Transplantation is the most regulated field in medicine and requires a detailed knowledge of the clinical as well as the non-clinical issues of a program to succeed in a highly competitive field. Organ and Tissue Transplantation is a series of seven volumes that will go over the science, the administrative and regulatory issues making a contemporary transplant program successful. The seven volumes will address separately the following: liver, kidney, pancreas, small bowel, heart, lung, and bone marrow transplantation. This series provides comprehensive reviews of the most crucial and provocative aspects of solid organ transplantation. It will be a unique source of information and guidance for the current generation of transplant surgeons that evolved from being pure clinicians into savvy administrators knowledgeable in every regulatory aspects governing transplantation. As a single transplant necessitates the effort of a large group of health care providers of different disciplines, the books in the series address the need and questions of everyone involved including surgeons, hepatologysts, anesthesiologists, palliative care specialists, immunologists, infectious disease specialists, physiatrists, radiologists, scientists, transplant coordinators, financial specialists, epidemiologists, administrators, and attorneys. Volumes in the series contain chapters covering every single aspect of the surgical operation in the donors (live and cadaver: whole and split), as well as the recipients of transplants. The pre-operative work-up, as well as the post-operative immunosuppression management, and the treatment of recurrent diseases are addressed in detail. Single chapters are dedicated to controversial issues. The series goes beyond the analysis of the formal medical and surgical aspects of transplantation and introduces deep knowledge on key aspects of contemporary transplant programs, such as physical rehabilitation, palliative care, pregnancy, the multiple requirements of regulatory agencies ruling transplantation, quality measurements for transplant programs, finance, liability and the administration of an effective transplant program. The series analyzes and reviews medical as well as surgical issues related to transplantation in all its forms. Each book dedicates sections to every subspecialty collaborating in the success of transplantation. Differently from previously published books in this field the series dissects organizational issues that are vital to the good performance of transplant programs.
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  • Cataldo Doria

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