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This series aims to broadly cover all the aspects related to textiles science and technology and clothing science and technology. Below are the areas fall under the aims and scope of this series, but not limited to: Production and properties of various natural and synthetic fibres; Production and properties of different yarns, fabrics and apparels; Manufacturing aspects of textiles and clothing; Modelling and Simulation aspects related to textiles and clothing; Production and properties of Nonwovens; Evaluation/testing of various properties of textiles and clothing products; Supply chain management of textiles and clothing; Aspects related to Clothing Science such as comfort; Functional aspects and evaluation of textiles; Textile biomaterials and bioengineering; Nano, micro, smart, sport and intelligent textiles; Various aspects of industrial and technical applications of textiles and clothing; Apparel manufacturing and engineering; New developments and applications pertaining to textiles and clothing materials and their manufacturing methods; Textile design aspects; Sustainable fashion and textiles; Green Textiles and Eco-Fashion; Sustainability aspects of textiles and clothing; Environmental assessments of textiles and clothing supply chain; Green Composites; Sustainable Luxury and Sustainable Consumption; Waste Management in Textiles; Sustainability Standards and Green labels; Social and Economic Sustainability of Textiles and Clothing.
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  • Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu

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