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This series explores the often complex relationships between migration, society and democracy. With a focus on local and regional aspects, the studies presented in this series discuss migration itself, including questions related to forced migration and resettlement, and offer new insights on the connections between established groups and newcomers in modern societies, especially with regard to their potential impact on social and democratic development. The scope of the series encompasses distinct fields such as migration/minorities and democracy, migration/minorities and law, migration/ minorities and social organisation, migration/minorities and education, migration/minorities and the labour market, migration/minorities and high-tech capitalism, migration/minorities and racism, in addition to the intersections of these distinct fields with each other, for example: migration/minorities, citizenship, law, and democracy. This series adopts an international and interdisciplinary approach to seek better understandings of the complexity of migration/minorities and reveal the fruitful outcomes of migration/minorities as well as examine more interwoven and problematic issues of migration/minorities, societies and democracies.
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Series Editor
  • Thomas Geisen,
  • Zvi Bekerman,
  • Patricia Cox

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