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Algorithms and Combinatorics

Algorithms and Combinatorics

Series Editors: Cook, W.J., Graham, R.L., Korte, B., Lovász, L., Wigderson, A., Ziegler, G.M.

ISSN: 0937-5511

Combinatorial mathematics has substantially influenced recent trends and developments in the theory of algorithms and its applications. Conversely, research on algorithms and their complexity has established new perspectives in discrete mathematics. This series is devoted to the mathematics of these rapidly growing fields with special emphasis on their mutual interaction. The series covers areas in pure and applied mathematics as well as computer science, including: combinatorial and discrete optimization, polyhedral combinatorics, graph theory and its algorithmic aspects, network flows, matroids and their applications, algorithms in number theory, group theory etc., coding theory, algorithmic complexity of combinatorial problems, and combinatorial methods in computer science and related areas. Prospective readers of the series include scientists and graduate students interested in discrete mathematics, operations research, computer science and their applications.