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New & Forthcoming Titles | Advances in Polymer Science ( Miscellaneous)

Advances in Polymer Science

Advances in Polymer Science

Series Editors: Abe, A., Albertsson, A.-C., Coates, G.W., Genzer, J., Kobayashi, S., Lee, K.-S., Leibler, L., Long, T.E., Möller, M., Okay, O., Percec, V., Tang, B.Z., Terentjev, E.M., Theato, P., Vicent, M.J., Voit, B., Wiesner, U., Zhang, X.

Originally published with the title: Fortschritte in der Hochpolymeren-Forschung, ISSN 0341-020x

ISSN: 0065-3195

Key Facts from Advances in Polymer Science

Advances in Polymer Science is a well-known and reputed review book series with a longstanding tradition in the field of Polymer and Biopolymer Science. The series exists since 1958, with the former title "Fortschritte in der Hochpolymeren-Forschung". Since then and still today it publishes critical selected reviews of the present and future trends in polymer and biopolymer science.

Find below some key facts about the series: about its impact factor and rankings, most cited articles and most downloaded titles, incl. some previews of the content. Browse through and enjoy!

Impact Factor and Ranking 

Advances in Polymer Science (Adv Polym Sci) is a book review series. As such, it does not publish a determined number of issues every year and the exact number of published items per year can strongly vary, depending on the number of books that are finished and published in the respective year. The series focuses on publishing timely topic-related volumes, rather than a determined yearly number of articles or issues.
Calculations of citation metrics are mostly designed for journals, that usually publish a more or less constant number of items every year. Advances in Polymer Science nevertheless has been assigned an impact factor in the ISI web of knowledge, which is a particular distinction for a book series. Within the last 10 years, Adv Polym Sci was always in the top quartile Q1, usually in the top 10, of the ISI impact factor ranking, subject category Polymer Science (currently 3.648, rank 11 of 83), most of the times even in the top 3.
Volumes in the series have a long shelf-live and thus serve as important references for the specialists in the field. This is reflected by a constantly high 5-year impact factor (currently 4.925, rank 6 of 83), which has almost always placed Adv Polym Sci in the top 3 in its subject category. ISI hence also awards the journal a high article influence score, well above the average and in the top 3 of the category.
All articles within 10 (5) years until 2012 would achieve an h-index of 65 (30) – a good result in view that a book series does not publish as many articles and in a less regular manner than a periodic journal!

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