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Topics in Current Chemistry

Topics in Current Chemistry

Series Editors: Bayley, H., Houk, K.N., Hughes, G., Hunter, C.A., Ishihara, K., Krische, M.J., Lehn, J.-M., Luque, R., Olivucci, M., Siegel, J.S., Thiem, J., Venturi, M., Wong, C.-H., Wong, H.N.C., You, S.-L., Yam, V.W.-W., Yan, C.

Up to Vol. 16 with the title: Fortschritte der chemischen Forschung

ISSN: 0340-1022

Discontinued Series
Although this series no longer publishes new content, the published titles listed below may be still available on-line (e. g. via the Springer Book Archives) and in print.

Instructions for Authors

Standard Manuscript Guidelines

When preparing your manuscript, please follow our standard Manuscript guidelines for English books and the Key style points available at: https://www.springer.com/gp/authors-editors/book-authors-editors/book-manuscript-guidelines
These guidelines include information about our preferred style and format, and a Word template which is an optional tool to help you with the structure of your chapter. Please note that on submission, your manuscript will be converted into XML which enables your chapter to be read on a variety of electronic reading devices. This means that the chapter you submit to us might look slightly different in the final published version.
These guidelines have been developed and refined with Springer authors over many years, and we are confident that you will find them easy to use
Special Guidelines for the Series:
As appropriate, chapters of the series can feature an introductory and a conclusion chapter

Scientific Style – Nomenclature: 

Insofar as possible, authors should use systematic names similar to those used by Chemical Abstract Service or IUPAC.
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Springer’s self-archiving policy for the Chemistry Review Series is:
Self-archiving of the author’s accepted manuscript
When a paper is accepted for publication via the subscription route in a Springer Chemistry Review Series, authors are able to deposit their accepted manuscripts in their institutional and/or funder repositories for public release 12 months after first publication. The author’s accepted manuscript (sometimes referred to as the 'post-print') is defined as the version of the paper or chapter accepted for publication after peer review, but prior to copyediting and typesetting.
Authors may make a closed deposit on acceptance, providing the 12-month embargo for public release is adhered to.
Authors publishing in Chemistry Review Series may also make their accepted manuscript available on their personal non-commercial website immediately on publication.
Please note that the self-archiving policy for subscription content published in the Chemistry Review Series differs from the self-archiving policies that apply to content published in other Springer books.

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