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Change of institutions, technology and competition drives the interplay of markets and organisations. The scientific series ‘Markets and Organisations’ addresses a magnitude of related questions, presents theoretic and empirical findings and discusses related concepts and models.

Professor Dr. Professor h. c. Dr. h. c.
Ralf Reichwald
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
Leipzig, Deutschland

Professor Dr. Egon Franck
Universität Zürich, Schweiz

Professorin Dr. Kathrin M. Möslein
Erlangen-Nürnberg & HHL, Leipzig,
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Series Editor
  • Ralf Reichwald,
  • Egon Franck,
  • Kathrin M. Möslein

Book titles in this series

  1. Revolutionizing Workshops

    Supporting Participants’ Creativity with Persuasive Technology

    • Max Jalowski
    • Copyright: 2021

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