About this book series

SpringerBriefs are characterized in general by their size (50–125 pages) and fast production time (2–3 months compared to 6 months for a monograph).

Briefs are available in print but are intended as a primarily electronic publication to be included in Springer's e-book package.

Typical works might include:

  • An extended survey of a field
  • A link between new research papers published in journal articles
  • A presentation of core concepts that doctoral students must understand in order to make independent contributions
  • Lecture notes making a specialist topic accessible for non-specialist readers.

SpringerBriefs in Mathematical Physics showcase, in a compact format, topics of current relevance in the field of mathematical physics. Published titles will encompass all areas of theoretical and mathematical physics. This series is intended for mathematicians, physicists, and other scientists, as well as doctoral students in related areas.

Editorial Board

  • Nathanaël Berestycki (University of Cambridge, UK)
  • Mihalis Dafermos (University of Cambridge, UK / Princeton University, US)
  • Atsuo Kuniba (University of Tokyo, Japan)
  • Matilde Marcolli (CALTECH, US)
  • Bruno Nachtergaele (UC Davis, US)
  • Hal Tasaki (Gakushuin University, Japan)

Springer Briefs in a nutshell

SpringerBriefs specifications vary depending on the title. In general, each Brief will have:

  • 50 – 125 published pages, including all tables, figures, and references
  • Softcover binding
  • Copyright to remain in author's name
  • Versions in print, eBook, and MyCopy
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Series Editor
  • Nathanaël Berestycki,
  • Mihalis Dafermos,
  • Atsuo Kuniba,
  • Matilde Marcolli,
  • Bruno Nachtergaele,
  • Hal Tasaki

Book titles in this series

Abstracted and indexed in

  1. Mathematical Reviews
  2. SCImago
  4. zbMATH