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The series will publish studies in the general area of Speech Prosody with a particular (but non-exclusive) focus on the importance of phonetics and phonology in this field. The topic of speech prosody is today a far larger area of research than is often realised. The number of papers on the topic presented at large international conferences such as Interspeech and ICPhS is considerable and regularly increasing. The proposed book series would be the natural place to publish extended versions of papers presented at the Speech Prosody Conferences, in particular the papers presented in Special Sessions at the conference. This could potentially involve the publication of 3 or 4 volumes every two years ensuring a stable future for the book series. If such publications are produced fairly rapidly, they will in turn provide a strong incentive for the organisation of other special sessions at future Speech Prosody conferences.
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  • Daniel J. Hirst,
  • Hongwei Ding,
  • Qiuwu Ma

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