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New & Forthcoming Titles | Sustainable Development and Biodiversity

Sustainable Development and Biodiversity

Sustainable Development and Biodiversity

Series Ed.: Ramawat, Kishan Gopal

ISSN: 2352-474X

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This book series provides complete, comprehensive and broad subject based reviews about existing biodiversity of different habitats and conservation strategies in the framework of different technologies, ecosystem diversity, and genetic diversity. The ways by which these resources are used with sustainable management and replenishment are also dealt with. The topics of interest include but are not restricted only to sustainable development of various ecosystems and conservation of hotspots, traditional methods and role of local people, threatened and endangered species, global climate change and effect on biodiversity, invasive species, impact of various activities on biodiversity, biodiversity conservation in sustaining livelihoods and reducing poverty, and technologies available and required. The books in this series will be useful to botanists, environmentalists, marine biologists, policy makers, conservationists, and NGOs working for environment protection.

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