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New & Forthcoming Titles | Sustainable Development and Biodiversity

Sustainable Development and Biodiversity

Sustainable Development and Biodiversity

Series Ed.: Ramawat, Kishan Gopal

ISSN: 2352-474X

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Sustainable Development Goals are best achieved by mechanisms such as research, innovation, and knowledge sharing. This book series aims to help researchers by reporting recent progress and providing complete, comprehensive, and broad subject-based reviews about all aspects of sustainable development and ecological biodiversity.

The series explores linkages of biodiversity with delivery of various ecosystem services and it offers a discourse in understanding the biotic and abiotic interactions, ecosystem dynamics, biological invasion, ecological restoration and remediation, diversity of habitats and conservation strategies. It is a broad scoped collection of volumes, addressing relationship between ecosystem processes and biodiversity. It aims to support the global efforts towards achieving sustainable development goals by enriching the scientific literature. The books in the series brings out the latest reading material for botanists, environmentalists, marine biologists, conservationists, policy makers and NGOs working for environment protection.


We welcome volumes on the themes --

Agroecosystems, Agroforestry, Biodiversity, Biodiversity conservation, Conservation of ecosystem, Ecosystem, Endangered species, Forest conservation, Genetic diversity, Global climate change, Hotspots, Impact assessment, Invasive species, Livelihood of people, Plant biotechnology, Plant resource utilization, Sustainability of the environment, Sustainable management of forests, Sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and plants, Traditional methods, Urban horticulture. 

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