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New & Forthcoming Titles | Understanding Medical Informatics - How it really works

Understanding Medical Informatics

Understanding Medical Informatics

How it really works

Series Ed.: Pianykh, Oleg S.

ISSN: 2197-7321

The Medical Informatics (MI) book series works to bridge the gap between two largely disconnected areas: clinical practice and information technology. In today’s healthcare, these two cannot function without each other, as more and more aspects of the clinical routine are becoming driven by computing logic and technology. This is how Medical Informatics was born from the first experiments of the early 1960s, which sought to bring together the disparate audiences of clinical practitioners and information science gurus. And although their differences inspired many clinical breakthroughs, they also caused perpetual clashes of incompatible disciplines and mindsets, wasting time on trivial discoveries and projects that were doomed from the outset. Decades later, there is more work to do than at the beginning.