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Migration Studies

Migration Studies

Series: SpringerBriefs in Environment, Security, Development and Peace

Series Ed.: Brauch, Hans G√ľnter

ISSN: 2570-4001

Migration refers to all forms of forced or voluntary movements or displacements of people due to political, economic, environmental, ethnic, religious or other reasons, from rural to rural or urban regions or to other countries or continents. Migration Studies (ESDP-MiS) is a peer-reviewed book subseries that focuses on all forms of migration. It presents both theoretical analyses and original empirical analyses from different disciplines including history, political science, economics, sociology, psychology, anthropology, demography, geography and cultural studies. It addresses environmental, security, development and peace issues and six dyadic conceptual relationships among them: i) peace and security; ii) peace and environment; iii) development and security; iv) environment and development; v) development and security; and vi) environment and security.

Migration Studies (ESDP-MiS) welcomes book proposals from scholars from the social sciences who are working on these four key themes within a region or within sending or receiving countries, or on the impact of human movements on the countries of origin and the target countries. This subseries includes original monographs, edited books (e.g. workshop or research reports), and outstanding academic qualification studies (PhD and MA/MSc theses). A key goal of this subseries is to give scholars from the global South more voice and visibility in the peer-reviewed literature.

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