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Perspectives in Pragmatics, Philosophy and Psychology deals with theoretical pragmatics and pragmatics from a philosophical point of view. The connection between philosophy and pragmatics is double. On the one hand, philosophy contributes to creating a framework to be called the ‘pragmatics of language’ capable of dealing with interpretation phenomena that complement purely semantic processes; on the other hand, pragmatics is capable of coping with major philosophical problems, e.g. skepticism and Gettier’s problem. All volumes in the collection reserve a central place for the philosophical ideas in pragmatics, such as contributions to epistemology in which pragmatics plays a key role. 

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The collection: Perspectives in Pragmatics, Philosophy and Psychology publishes:
  • pragmatics applied to philosophical problems and in the area of pragmalinguistics 
  • pragmatics applied to the understanding of propositional attitudes, including knowledge, belief, in dissolving paradoxes and puzzles relating to epistemology
  • pragmatics applied to psychology, especially on the topic of intentions and mind-reading
  • philosophical treatments of dialogue analysis 
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  • Alessandro Capone

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