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Even though knowledge is the main content of teaching and universities are key knowledge producers, scholars have only recently begun to actively explore research on knowledge studies in higher education. As this field of study has grown, it has increasingly overlapped with the research focus of other fields, namely research and science policy, and information studies. However, these three fields have developed independently with little interaction between them, causing our understanding of knowledge to be limited, compartmented, and lacking a multidimensional perspective. This book series is designed to improve knowledge studies in higher education by stimulating interactions between these different approaches. 
Coverage in this series includes:

• University and knowledge production
• R & D funding systems
• Education reforms
• Innovation systems for emerging regions
• School curriculum and knowledge
• Social utility of knowledge production
• University research and in-house research
• Research collaborations.

With its comprehensive overview and multidisciplinary perspective, this series
provides scholars and policymakers with the theory and data they need to make
more informed decisions regarding knowledge research in higher education.
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Series Editor
  • Jung-Cheol Shin,
  • Hugo Horta

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