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Hamid R. Arabnia received a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Kent (Canterbury, England) in 1987. He is currently a Professor (Emeritus) of Computer Science at University of Georgia (Georgia, USA), where he has been since October 1987. He currently (Year 2020) has 11 PhD students working under his supervision. His research interests include parallel and distributed processing techniques and algorithms, supercomputing, Data Science, imaging science, and other compute intensive problems. His most recent activities include: Studying ways to promote legislation that would prevent cyber-stalking, cyber-harassment, and cyber-bullying. As a victim of cyber-harassment and cyber-bullying, in 2017 and 2018 he won a lawsuit with damages awarded for a total of $3 Million (includes $650K awarded for attorney’s costs). Since this court case was one of the few cases of its kind in the United States, this ruling is considered to be important. Prof. Arabnia is Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Supercomputing (Springer). He is the book series editor-in-chief of "Transactions of Computational Science and Computational Intelligence" (Springer). He is the editor of annual proceedings of Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (IEEE CPS). He is an Associate/Guest co-Editor of IEEE Access journal (2019/2020). He is a Senior Adviser to a number of corporations and is a Fellow and Adviser of  Center of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence & Organized Crime Research (CENTRIC). He has served as a member of National Science Foundation (NSF) Site Visitation evaluation committee for 10 years (visiting & evaluating NSF Engineering Centers). He has received numerous distinguished awards; including: "Outstanding Achievement Award in Recognition of His Leadership and Outstanding Research Contributions to the Field of Supercomputing" 2007 (presented by President of IEEE/SMC); "Distinguished Research Award" 2014 for Outstanding Contributions to Adaptable Communication Systems, presented by ACM SIGAPP IMCOM Co-Chairs. Prof. Arabnia has published extensively in journals and refereed conference proceedings. He has about 250 peer-reviewed research publications as well as 250 edited research books in his areas of expertise. He has been a PI/Co-PI on about $12 Million externally funded projects/initiatives. During his tenure as Graduate Coordinator/Director, Prof. Arabnia secured the largest level of funding in the history of the department for supporting the research and education of graduate students (PhD, MS). Prof. Arabnia has delivered a number of keynote and plenary lectures at international conferences; most recently at: The 14th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS), The 10th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC); and ACM IMCOM International Conference. He has also delivered a number of "distinguished lectures" at various universities and research units/centers (USA, Spain, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UK, Canada, Turkey, China, Ireland, Australia, Viet Nam, Cambodia, ...); his distinguished lectures were funded and sponsored by US Department of Defense, SERSC of Republic of Korea, US National Science Foundation, and others.
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