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New & Forthcoming Titles | Data, Semantics and Cloud Computing

Data, Semantics and Cloud Computing

Data, Semantics and Cloud Computing

Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence

Editor-in-chief: Sidhu, Amandeep S.

ISSN: 2524-6593

The purpose of this book series is to inform and educate its audience about big data, semantic web, cloud computing and the inter-connections between these fields. Books in this series will be mainly used at Basic and Intermediary Level for Computer Science Postgraduate Students, Researchers and Practitioners. It will cover a broad range of topics like:
1. Big Data and its Management
2. Data Mining
3. Data integration and Ontologies
4. Semantic Web Tools and Techniques
5. Web 2.0 and Web 3.0
6. Cloud Computing
7. *aaS: Infrastructure, Platform, Software, Storage as a Service
8. Novel architectural models for cloud computing
9. New parallel / concurrent programming models for cloud computing
10. Data Cloud
11. Data Security, Privacy, and Jurisdiction in the Cloud
12. Reliability of applications and services running on the cloud
13. Interoperability between different Utility Computing Platforms including Grids, and Clouds
14. Performance monitoring for cloud applications
15. Cloud use case studies

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