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The Research on Family-School Partnerships series carries forward work on the state-of-the-science in and critical needs of family-school partnerships research that began during the interdisciplinary conference held in Omaha, Nebraska, in September 2010. The overall objective of the book series is to set forth futuristic thinking and articulate significant directions in the area of family-school partnerships research. Each volume in the series provides analysis of the most current research by leading experts in their respective fields. Rather than merely re-presenting “state of the field” or what is already known about family-school collaboration, the primary objective of each volume is to articulate future issues, raise questions, and channel research needs and directions. The goal of the series is to focus on uncharted directions rather than past research accomplishments. The September 2010 interdisciplinary conference was co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation, the American Educational Research Association, and the Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools. Its purpose was to develop and advance a national research agenda for family-school partnerships. The conference was organized to explore issues associated with (a) identifying research “knowns” and “unknowns” related to conditions that influence family-school continuities, partnerships, and intervention implementation; (b) determining effective mechanisms for families’ and schools’ engagement in partnership practices; and (c) bolstering basic and applied interdisciplinary research of the effects of specific partnership practices on the learning and development of children and adolescents. The overall objective was to advance a research agenda to enhance empirical and scientific understandings of variables and outcomes associated with family-school partnerships and enhance mutual understanding among participating researchers and stimulate research collaborations. It fostered the identification of critical research needs and methods to address research gaps and new directions. These goals were achieved through a focused effort that coalesced leading researchers and methodologists who are now developing a methodologically rigorous, comprehensive agenda and follow-up research activities on family-school partnerships. The initial four volumes in the series cover the following topical areas: • Foundational Aspects of Family-School Partnerships • Processes and Pathways of Family-School Partnerships • Family-School Partnerships in Context • Translating Family-School Partnerships Research to Practice The series volumes each have an interdisciplinary structure. Experts from a variety of disciplines (e.g., psychology, sociology, education, anthropology, methodology) contribute chapters, and the unique lens that each discipline brings to the series adds both breadth and depth and allow for cross-fertilization of knowledge, ideas, methods, and questions.
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  • Susan M. Sheridan,
  • Elizabeth Moorman Kim

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