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New & Forthcoming Titles | Contemporary Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Medicine

Contemporary Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Medicine

Contemporary Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Medicine

Series Ed.: Micheli, Lyle J.

ISSN: 2198-266X

This is an appropriate time for a book series focusing on pediatric and adolescent sports medicine. Estimates are that 25 million children regularly engage in organized sports in the United States alone, and due to the increasing intensity of children’s and youth sports, there has been a regrettable increase in the incidence of acute sports injuries. Such injuries in young athletes are among the most common reasons medical care is sought. Growing numbers of young athletes with acute injuries are presenting to sports doctors, emergency room physicians, general orthopedists, pediatricians, primary care physicians, athletic trainers, coaches, and parents.

High-intensity organized sports and their rigorous training regimens have also precipitated the emergence of a whole type of injury category previously unseen in the growing child: overuse. And yet, despite the explosion in the number of sports-injured young athletes, there is a widespread misunderstanding on how to manage their injuries. This series will fulfill the demand for this knowledge. The titles in the series will encompass four areas: anatomical, sub-specialty, sports-specific, and special populations.

The titles in this series will further our knowledge of the management of injuries to the pediatric and adolescent athletes so that we might all better serve our young athletic patients. In particular, we hope that wherever possible we can either prevent injuries or at the very least return these children as quickly and as safely to the athletic fray so that they might better enjoy the thrill and satisfaction of sports participation and grow up to be physically active adults.