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The AAPdN Library Series: Specialty Topics in Pediatric Neuropsychology represents a long-term organizational commitment to the examination of different aspects of the specialty of pediatric neuropsychology. Historically, neuropsychology has been viewed from a life-span perspective because scientific and practice standards were developed prior to the latest psychometric and imaging methods. The advent of rapid technological progress in areas such as traumatic brain injury, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and autism spectrum disorders has influenced and enhanced practice parameters and therefore specialty areas are emerging in neuropsychology. Specialty areas such as geroneuropsychology and rehabilitation are rapidly growing and developing practice standards. Similarly, pediatric neuropsychology is following the demands that once were placed on clinical psychology when the child and adolescent specialty was formally recognized. In sum, when scientific knowledge is presented, the boundaries of practice are expanded and specialties emerge.
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Series Editor
  • Robert J. McCaffrey,
  • Elaine Fletcher-Janzen

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  1. Pediatric Neurotoxicology

    Academic and Psychosocial Outcomes

    • Cynthia A. Riccio
    • Jeremy R. Sullivan
    • Copyright: 2016

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