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Mathematics Education – An Asian Perspective facilitates high quality publications on rigorous aspects of mathematics education in Asia. This will be achieved by producing thematic books that capture knowledge and practices on mathematics education in Asia from both the insider and outsider perspectives. The series helps to establish a much needed Asian perspective to mathematics education research in the international landscape.
Over the last decade or so, several international comparative studies have shed light on systems of schooling that were otherwise not very much sought after. Several educational systems in Asia, in particular East Asia have consistently produced stellar outcomes for mathematics in both TIMSS and PISA despite the fact that both studies measure achievement in mathematics in distinct ways that are very much orthogonal to each other, while other Asian systems have not been able to replicate the same level of success. Though one may occasionally chance upon a publication on some aspect of mathematics education in Asia, there appears to be in general a dearth of publications on mathematics education in Asian countries from the perspectives of scholars from Asia. Hence it is apparent that there is a gap in the availability of knowledge on mathematics education from the region in the international space.

This series has a wide scope with emphasis on relevancy and timeliness. It encompasses the general trends in educational research such as theory, practice and policy. Books in the series are thematic and focus both on macro and micro topics. An example of a themed book on a macro topic could be one on “School mathematic curricula – An Asian perspective” while a themed book on a micro topic could be one on “The pedagogy of ‘simultaneous equations’ in Asian classrooms”.

Researchers interested in authoring or editing a book for the series can contact the series editors:

Berinderjeet Kaur: berinderjeet.kaur@nie.edu.sg
Catherine Vistro-Yu: cvistro-yu@ateneo.edu

Book proposals for this series may also be submitted to Editor: Grace Ma Email: grace.ma@springer.com
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Series Editor
  • Berinderjeet Kaur,
  • Catherine Vistro-Yu

Book titles in this series

  1. School Mathematics Curricula

    Asian Perspectives and Glimpses of Reform

    • Catherine P. Vistro-Yu
    • Tin Lam Toh
    • Copyright: 2019

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