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The series Green Chemistry and Sustainable Technology aims to present cutting-edge research and important advances in green chemistry, green chemical engineering and sustainable industrial technology. The scope of coverage includes (but is not limited to): – Environmentally benign chemical synthesis and processes (green catalysis, green solvents and reagents, atom-economy synthetic methods etc.) – Green chemicals and energy produced from renewable resources (biomass, carbon dioxide etc.) – Novel materials and technologies for energy production and storage (bio-fuels and bioenergies, hydrogen, fuel cells, solar cells, lithium-ion batteries etc.) – Green chemical engineering processes (process integration, materials diversity, energy saving, waste minimization, efficient separation processes etc.) – Green technologies for environmental sustainability (carbon dioxide capture, waste and harmful chemicals treatment, pollution prevention, environmental redemption etc.) The series Green Chemistry and Sustainable Technology is intended to provide an accessible reference resource for postgraduate students, academic researchers and industrial professionals who are interested in green chemistry and technologies for sustainable development.

More information about this series at http://www.springer.com/series/11661.
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  • Liangnian He,
  • Pietro Tundo,
  • Z. Conrad Zhang

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