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Lecture Notes in Mobility

Lecture Notes in Mobility

Series Ed.: Meyer, Gereon

ISSN: 2196-5544

Lecture Notes in Mobility (LNMOB) is a book series that reports on the latest advances in research, development and innovations for the intelligent, connected and sustainable transportation systems of the future, comprising e.g.:
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Energy-efficient vehicles
  • Alternative and optimized powertrains
  • Vehicle automation and driver assistance
  • Clean and intelligent transportation systems
  • Interfaces with transportation networks and power grids
  • Mobility services
  • Business models
  • Public policy
LNMOB publishes edited conference proceedings, contributed volumes and monographs that present firsthand information on cutting-edge research results and pioneering innovations as well as new perspectives on classical fields, while maintaining Springer’s high standards of excellence. Also considered for publication are dissertations and other related material of exceptionally high quality and interest. The subject matter should be original and timely, reporting on the latest developments in all areas covered by this series. Concerns about climate change, air quality and energy security have sparked a paradigm shift regarding the transportation of passengers and goods. Vehicle technologies are now changing radically towards higher energy efficiency and the use of alternative fuels. At the same time, transportation is increasingly managed in a smart manner, connecting a multitude of modes and making use of a variety of energy sources. Moreover, vehicles are becoming more and more assistive and autonomous, which will lead to even higher efficiency, fewer fatalities and more convenience. These developments are to be supported by novel services, processes and value creation, as well as by suitable public policies. LNMOB identifies the most promising conceptual work, groundbreaking findings and innovations from the industrial engineers and academic experts in this field.
The overall aim of this series is the exchange of ideas to strengthen the scientific community, to create new value chains and to accelerate the move towards sustainable transportation systems (road, rail, water- and airborne) around the globe. Public research funding programs in Europe, America and Asia represent an important source of content. The selection of work for publication is done under the supervision of an international scientific advisory board that brings together some of the most influential technology leaders and scholars of our time. The target audience primarily consists of industry professionals and academic researchers working at the forefront of their fields, but the book series will also be of interest to advanced level and PhD students.

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