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New & Forthcoming Titles | Logic, Argumentation & Reasoning ( Miscellaneous)

Logic, Argumentation & Reasoning

Logic, Argumentation & Reasoning

Interdisciplinary Perspectives from the Humanities and Social Sciences

Series Ed.: Rahman, Shahid
Redmond, Juan (Ed.)

ISSN: 2214-9120

General Editor
Shahid Rahman (Lille, UMR 8163)
Managing Editor
Juan Redmond (Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile)
Area Editors
• Argumentation and Pragmatics
o Frans H. van Eemeren (Amsterdam)
o Zoe McConaughey (Unniversité Lille)
o Tony Street (Divinity College, Cambridge)
o John Woods (British Columbia/King's College
• Argumentation and Rhetoric
o Gabriel Galvez-Behar (Lille, MESHS-Nord Pas de Calais)
o Leone Gazziero, (Lille)
o André Laks (Sorbonne, Paris IV)
o Ruth Webb (Lille, UMR 8163)
• Decision Theory, Mathematics, Economy
o Jacques Dubucs (IHPST-Paris 1)
o Karine Chemla (CNRS, SPHERE UMR7219, Université de Paris)
o Sven Ove Hansson (Stockholm)
• Cognitives Sciences. Computer Sciences
o Yann Coello (Lille)
o Eric Gregoire (CRIL-Lens)
o Henry Prakken (Utrecht)
o François Recanati (ENS, Paris)
• Epistemology and Philosophy of Science
o Gerhard Heinzmann (Nancy)
o Sonja Smets (ILLC, Amsterdam)
o Göran Sundholm (Leiden)
• Logic
o Michel Crubellier (Lille, UMR 8163)
o Dov Gabbay (King’s College)
o Sven Ove Hansson (Stockholm)
o Tero Tulenheimo (Lille, UMR 8163)
• Political Science and Sociology
o Jean-Gabriel Contamin (Lille)
o Franck Fischer (Rutgers)
o Josh Ober (Stanford)
o Marc Pichard (Lille, MESHS-Nord Pas de Calais)
Full professor for logic and epistemology University of Lille (3), Professeur de la classe exceptionnelle pour la section CNU philosophie Elected member (2011) of the Comité national français d’histoire et de philosophie des sciences rattache à l’academie des sciences, Scientific Director of the Research project ADA(Argumentation, Decission and Action), that unifies 19-research laboratories in the Humanities and Social Sciences of Nord-Pas de Calais (France).
Research fields:
Philosophy of logic (dialogical logic) and epistemology, philosophy of science. My main contribution, is to have developed the conception of dialogical logic as a general frame to build, combine and study logics (at present about 40 logics have been studied) where meaning is understood as the result of the interaction between epistemic agents. This work is part of what is being called the dynamic turn in logic and epistemology with the specificity that my researches are directed towards re-establishing the link between logic and argumentative practices within the context of logic, language and philosophy of science.
International acknowledgment: 2008 : Collegue publications (King’s Collegue London) publishes a tribute to the work of S. Rahman under the title Dialogues, Logics and Other Strange Things with contributions between others of J. van Benthem (Amsterdam), D.Gabbay (King’s C), J. Hintikka (Boston), G. Priest (St. Andrews) , K. Lorenz (Saarbruecken), G. S. Read (St. Andrews), G. Restall (Melbourne). Octobre 2008 : Entry in the International Directory of Logicians. Edited by Dov Gabbay and John Woods, College Publications.
Editor of 5 international collections: (1) with John Symons chez Springer: Logic, Epistemology and the Unity of Science. (29volumes), (2) Springer (new Series), Logic, Reasoning and Argumentation. Interdisciplinary approaches from the Humanities and Social Sciences (3); avec D. Gabbay chez King’s College: Cahiers de Logique et Epistémologie (4), chez King’s College avec N. Clerbout and M. Fontaine:Dialogues and the Games of logic. A philosophical perspective. (5) avec J. Redmond chez King’s College:Cuadernos de Logica, Epistemologia y Lenguaje.

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