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The objective of the Legisprudence Library is to publish excellent research on legislation and related areas (such as regulation and policy-making) from the standpoint of legal theory. This series’ title points to an emerging, comprehensive conception of lawmaking which focuses on the justification of laws and the overarching principles which should guide legislation and norm-giving altogether, with the rationality, the reasonableness and the quality of legislation being its major concerns. Taking on legal theory as its pivotal perspective, the series attempts to fill a significant gap in the field of legislative studies, where political science and sociological approaches remain dominant through date. Inasmuch as it fosters legal-theoretical research in lawmaking, it also contributes to widen the scope of standard jurisprudence, which has been up to recent times overwhelmingly centred on the judicial application and the interpretation of law, thereby underestimating the central role of lawmakers within the legal system.

Contributions preferably address topics connected to legislation theory, including (but not limited to) legislative rationality, legislative technique, legistics, legislative effectiveness and social compliance of laws, legislative efficiency and lawmaking economics, evaluation, legislative and regulative impact assessment, regulation management, legislative implementation, public access to legislation, democratic legitimacy of legislation, codification, legislative reasoning and argumentation, science and expertise within lawmaking, legislative language, symbolic legislation, legal policy analysis, lawmaking and adjudication, or judicial review of legislation and legislative process. Comparative and system transcending approaches are encouraged. Purely dogmatic descriptions of positive law or legislative proceedings are not taken into consideration though connections with legislative and legal practice are welcomed.
The series welcomes monographs and edited volumes.

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Series Editor
  • Luc J. Wintgens,
  • A. Daniel Oliver-Lalana

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