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Translational bioinformatics is defined as the development of storage-related, analytic, and interpretive methods to optimize the transformation of increasingly voluminous biomedical data, and genomic data in particular, into proactive, predictive, preventive, and participatory health. Translational bioinformatics includes research on the development of novel techniques for the integration of biological and clinical data and the evolution of clinical informatics methodology to encompass biological observations. The end product of translational bioinformatics is the newly found knowledge from these integrative efforts that can be disseminated to a variety of stakeholders including biomedical scientists, clinicians, and patients. Issues related to database management, administration, or policy will be coordinated through the clinical research informatics domain. Analytic, storage-related, and interpretive methods should be used to improve predictions, early diagnostics, severity monitoring, therapeutic effects, and the prognosis of human diseases.
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  • Xiangdong Wang

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  1. Heart Genomics

    • Hong Jiang
    • Ming Liu
    • Copyright: 2018

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