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New & Forthcoming Titles | Reliable and Sustainable Electric Power and Energy Systems Management

Reliable and Sustainable Electric Power and Energy Systems Management

Reliable and Sustainable Electric Power and Energy Systems Management

Series Editors: Verma, Ajit Kumar, Karki, Rajesh, Choi, Jaeseok

ISSN: 2510-2524

The importance of power and energy in modern society is well established and it is impossible to create a modern society and country without the existence of reliable power and energy systems. The continued development of reliable power and energy systems has been the main focus of power and energy system engineers for over a century. Reliability issues are integral elements in the planning and economics associated with any engineering system, and are embedded in basic project planning and appraisal techniques. As the complexities of modern power and energy systems grow, new approaches, techniques and methods will be proposed for the evaluation and analysis of these systems. While rapid developments in the field of computational technologies have solved many issues related to the analysis of complex systems, the incorporation of new constraints arising from the use of particular technologies will dictate the solution techniques to be more creative and require considerable time to remodel, system test and validate.  This Book Series is intended to provide a platform for researchers, planners and policy makers to share their research outputs, ideas and opinions on the critical issue of sustainable and reliable power and energy systems, provide impetus for critical research in this highly important area for modern society in the context of a meshed and complex environment that is affected by events taking place throughout the world.

Objective of the Series

The series intends to bring out the original research work of young researchers from academia, industry and government institutions pertaining to sustainable and reliable power and energy systems management. The issue of sustainable development has been at the forefront of discussions in academia, industry and government over the last several decades. These discussions and the various initiatives arising from them, however, have not managed to completely arrest the pace of unsustainable development, which is considered to have major impacts on global warming, climatic changes and natural disasters that are sweeping the world. Sustainability issues are clearly important and cannot be relegated to a low priority level.

The scope of the Book Series will be but not limited to:

  • Energy consumption forecasting, modeling and analysis
  • Modelling and analysis of renewable energy sources
  • Simulation, modelling and analysis of optimal energy considering the market cost and environmental cost of fossil fuels
  • Reliability modelling and analysis of conventional and hybrid energy systems
  • Application of computational intelligence for devising regulatory and policy frameworks and implantation strategies for energy security
  • Modelling, simulation and analysis of sustainability of energy  supplies considering the cost and environmental impacts
  • Energy efficiency improvement techniques and methods, their impacts on energy price and security