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This book series collects the best and newest research in educational research, including foundations of education, comparative education, higher education, teaching and curriculum, technology and education, teacher education, childhood education, special education, and education and management. It publishes contributions by internationally acclaimed authors in educational research. The series pays attention to new research ideas, theories, methodologies, practices or policies in the ongoing process of educational transformation happening around the world. In doing so, the philosophy and spirit of the book series is to provide extensive views for readers to have direct access to contributions at global levels. The international and comparative nature of the books in the series means that it will appeal to a global audience whose interests lie within the fields of educational research. The books are also intended as a key set reading text/supplementary text on a wide range of postgraduate programs. The book series New Frontiers in Educational Research was initiated by the faculty of education at Beijing Normal University and Springer.
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  • Zhongying Shi,
  • Ronghuai Huang,
  • Zuoyu Zhou

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