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Raising awareness of the interdisciplinary and complementary relationship of different research perspectives on health, safety and well-being is the main aim of the book series Aligning Perspectives on Health, Safety and Well-being. Combined research approaches on health, safety and well-being are becoming more and more popular in several research disciplines across and between the social, behavioural and medical sciences. Therefore, Aligning Perspectives on Health, Safety and Well-being stimulates the publication of interdisciplinary approaches to the promotion of health, safety and well-being. Recognizing a need within societies and workplaces for more integrated approaches to problem solving, the series caters to the notion that most innovation stems from combining knowledge and research results from related but so far separated areas. Volumes will be edited by expert authors and editors and will contain contributions from different disciplines. All authors, and especially volume editors are encouraged to engage in developing more robust theoretical models that can be applied in actual practice and lead to policy development. Editorial Board: Professor Johannes Siegrist, University of Dusseldorf, Germany Professor Peter Chen, University of South Australia Professor Katherine Lippel, University of Ottawa, Canada Professor Nicholas Ashford, MIT, USA Dr Steve Sauter, NIOSH, USA Dr Peter Hasle, Aalborg University, Denmark
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Series Editor
  • Stavroula Leka,
  • Aditya Jain,
  • Gerard Zwetsloot

Book titles in this series

  1. Gendered Norms at Work

    New Perspectives on Work Environment and Health

    • Britt-Inger Keisu
    • Susanne Tafvelin
    • Helene Brodin
    • Copyright: 2021

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