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SpringerBriefs in Cognition is a subseries of SpringerBriefs in Psychology aimed to publish a wide range of books that present comprehensive and up-to-date overviews of current developments in narrow topics pertaining basic and applied cognitive domains. The series covers low-level sensory, attentive, perceptual and motor processes, and high-level cognitive functions including learning, memory, language, communication, decision, thinking, cognitive control and action planning. Contributions from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and cognitive science are welcome in this series, provided that they deepen our understanding on cognition and behavior in basic or applied contexts. Specific theoretical or methodological topics, including systematic evaluation of alternative theories and state of the art on emerging theories are expected. Integrative research reviews that develop connections between different areas of research are particularly valuable. Both solicited and unsolicited proposals are considered for publication in this series. All proposals will be subject to peer review by external referees.

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Dr. Gesine Dreisbach is Chair for General and Applied Psychology at the University of Regensburg. Her research focuses on processes of cognitive control, with a particular focus on task switching and task rules; context-sensitive adjustment of cognitive control; conflicts as aversive signals for control adaptations; and affective and motivational modulation of cognitive control.

For detailed Instructions for Authors, please email series editor Prof. Dr. Gesine Dreisbach at gesine.dreisbach@psychologie.uni-regensburg.de

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