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The Springer Series in Evolutionary Psychology is the first series of volumes dedicated to this increasingly important discipline within psychology. The series will reflect the multidisciplinary nature of this field encompassing evolutionary theory, biology, cognitive psychology, anthropology, economics, computer science, and paleoarchaeology. It will explore the underlying psychological mechanisms, and information processing systems housed in the brain as well as the various triggers for their activation. Its scientific assumptions rest on the concept that evolution is the only known causal process capable of creating complex organic mechanisms as are exhibited in human and animal life. Further, it seeks to show how information processing is adaptively influenced by input from the environment. Overall, the series will address the range of functionally specialized evolved mechanisms, mediated by contextual circumstances, that become combined and integrated to produce manifest behavior. The Series will address key areas of research within the field, including sexual behavior; conflict between the sexes; parenting; kinship; cooperation and altruism; aggression; warfare; and status and prestige. A premier resource in evolutionary psychology for researchers, academics and students, this series will provide. the field continuing and comprehensive coverage of this high profile area.
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  • Todd K. Shackelford,
  • Viviana A. Weekes-Shackelford

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