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Health information technology is one of the fastest growing industry sectors. The purpose of this book series is to provide monographs covering the rationale, content and use of these and other standards to help bridge the gap between the need for and availability of qualified and knowledgeable staff. This series will be focused on health informatics technology standards and the technology driving change in health IT. It will appeal to the traditional informatics market, but also cross over into more technical disciplines, but without leaving the remit that this is to expand knowledge in healthcare IT. It will comprise a set of single-author, practically focused, academically driven concise reference monographs on the leading standards and their application. Each volume will focus on one or more specific standards and explain how to use each one individually or in combination. This provides a tight focus for each book. The aim is to offer a set of “must have” references on the widely used standards, and in particular those mandated by the ONC.
Discontinued series: although this series no longer publishes new content, the published titles listed here remain available.
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  • Tim Benson

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