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The Springer Briefs Series on Digital Spaces is a joint initiative taken recently by CIGREF, Springer and Professor Ahmed Bounfour, as Editor. The series aim at disseminating internationally the results of the ISD international research programme, initiated by CIGREF in 2009, as well as to providing a unique platform for an international dialogue among scholars, policy and business audiences, on the emerging use of digital artifacts and systems. ISD is an international research programme of public interest that aims to evaluate the societal and managerial challenges in the long-term usage of IS (1970-2020), by mobilising the best expertise available at the international level. Its purpose is to analyse the different dimensions of use of IS and their interactions. ISD considers that the issue of use of information systems now goes beyond the scope of managerial action: it embraces the whole society. From this central perspective, the programme’s objectives are of different types: • An overall objective: to understand the many facets involved in the dynamic use of information systems over a long period, especially by focusing on emerging factors in different geographical and business contexts; • A specific objective: to provide the stakeholders ( large companies, IT providers, government, academics, media) with the analytical grids that will enable to understand the strategic issues arising from the changes under way The programme considers that the future of enterprises—and the design of their future IS—will be determined by the interaction between developments in socio-ethical, strategic, technological, regulatory and organisational trends. It is by considering these five perspectives, interactively and systemically, that we can grasp the reality of the driving forces affecting future companies and their information systems. Since its launch in 2009, the programme is already supporting 20 projects conducted by international teams (From Europe, North America and Asia).
Discontinued series: although this series no longer publishes new content, the published titles listed here remain available.
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