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The BIOSYSTEMS & BIOROBOTICS (BioSysRob) series publishes the latest research developments in three main areas: 1) understanding biological systems from a bioengineering point of view, i.e. the study of biosystems by exploiting engineering methods and tools to unveil their functioning principles and unrivalled performance; 2) design and development of biologically inspired machines and systems to be used for different purposes and in a variety of application contexts. In particular, the series welcomes contributions on novel design approaches, methods and tools as well as case studies on specific bio-inspired systems; 3) design and developments of nano-, micro-, macro- devices and systems for biomedical applications, i.e. technologies that can improve modern healthcare and welfare by enabling novel solutions for prevention, diagnosis, surgery, prosthetics, rehabilitation and independent living. On one side, the series focuses on recent methods and technologies which allow multi-scale, multi-physics, high-resolution analysis and modeling of biological systems. A special emphasis on this side is given to the use of mechatronic and robotic systems as a tool for basic research in biology. On the other side, the series authoritatively reports on current theoretical and experimental challenges and developments related to the “biomechatronic” design of novel biorobotic machines. A special emphasis on this side is given to human-machine interaction and interfacing, and also to the ethical and social implications of this emerging research area, as key challenges for the acceptability and sustainability of biorobotics technology. The main target of the series are engineers interested in biology and medicine, and specifically bioengineers and bioroboticists. Volume published in the series comprise monographs, edited volumes, lecture notes, as well as selected conference proceedings and PhD theses. The series also publishes books purposely devoted to support education in bioengineering, biomedical engineering, biomechatronics and biorobotics at graduate and post-graduate levels.

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  • Eugenio Guglielmelli

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  1. Wearable Robotics: Challenges and Trends

    Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Wearable Robotics, WeRob2020, and of WearRAcon Europe 2020, October 13–16, 2020

    • Juan C. Moreno
    • Jawad Masood
    • Urs Schneider
    • Christophe Maufroy
    • Copyright: 2022

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