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In recent years, the polar regions have received increased scientific and public interest. Both the Arctic and Antarctic have been recognized as key regions in the regulation of the global climate and polar ecosystems have been identified to be particularly susceptible to the ongoing environmental changes. Consequently, the international efforts in polar research have been enhanced considerably, and a wealth of new findings is being produced at a growing rate by the international community of polar researchers. The aim of the book series Advances in Polar Ecology is to foster the progress in the scientific knowledge about the polar and sub-polar regions of both hemispheres by contributing to the fast and wide-ranging dissemination of novel scientific information gained from recent studies of sea, freshwater and land biota among polar researchers, environmental managers and policy makers. Advances in Polar Ecology’s broad ecology-oriented scope encompasses environmental and biological research of both recent and past ecosystems. The Series offers an outlet to publish contributions (monographs, edited works, conference proceedings, etc.) addressing scientific topics that need more comprehensive and in-depth analysis than the length of typical journal articles allow for. These include, but are not limited to, thorough accounts of the current status of active research areas of wide importance that outline promising perspectives for future research. An international editorial board oversees the rigorous peer review that all contributions will be subjected to.
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