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This book series is devoted to the publication of high-level books that contribute to topic areas related to intelligent engineering and informatics. This includes advanced textbooks, monographs, state-of-the-art research surveys, as well as edited volumes with coherently integrated and well-balanced contributions within the main subject. The main aim is to provide a unique forum to publish books on mathematical models and computing methods for complex engineering problems that require some aspects of intelligence that include learning, adaptability, improving efficiency, and management of uncertain and imprecise information. Intelligent engineering systems try to replicate fundamental abilities of humans and nature in order to achieve sufficient progress in solving complex problems. In an ideal case multi-disciplinary applications of different modern engineering fields can result in synergistic effects. Informatics and computer modeling are the underlying tools that play a major role at any stages of developing intelligent systems. Soft computing, as a collection of techniques exploiting approximation and tolerance for imprecision and uncertainty in traditionally intractable problems, has become very effective and popular especially because of the synergy derived from its components. The integration of constituent technologies provides complementary methods that allow developing flexible computing tools and solving complex engineering problems in intelligent ways.
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  • Imre J. Rudas,
  • Anikó Szakál

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  1. Dual-Control-Design

    TP and TS Fuzzy Model Transformation Based Control Optimisation and Design

    • Péter Baranyi
    • Copyright: 2023

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