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Biodiversity, Community and Ecosystems

Biodiversity, Community and Ecosystems

Series Ed.: Wardle, David

ISSN: 2211-7822

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Over the past decade, there has been a rapidly expanding scientific literature focused on linking concepts of population, community and community ecology, and this is fast becoming one of the most active branches of ecology. Understanding these linkages also has considerable relevance to understanding conservation biology, causes and consequences of biodiversity, and the delivery of ecosystem services. This series aims to publish novel syntheses offering new insights into linkages among these topics. The scope is deliberately broad, and examples of topics that are of interest include (but are in no way restricted to): Biotic interactions; Ecosystem dynamics, Stability and resilience; Aboveground-belowground interactions; Relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem processes; Ecology of global environmental change; Biological invasions; Ecological restoration. All ecosystem types (including terrestrial and aquatic) and groups of organisms are of interest, as are syntheses on both fundamental and applied science.

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