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The book series Life Course Research and Social Policies puts the spotlight on life course research. The series publishes monographs and edited volumes presenting theoretical, methodological, and empirical advances in the study of the life course, thereby elaborating on possible implications for society and social policies applications. Topics appropriate for the series include, among others, the following:

-        Life course transitions and trajectories in the domains of education, employment, family, health, and migration

-        The dynamic of stress and resources over the life course

-        Accumulation of (dis)advantages and social inequalities

-        Social and individual vulnerabilities

-        Social networks development and change

-        Personality and identity development

-        Ageing

-        Longitudinal methods of analysis

-        Social policies’ regulation of the life course

Books commissioned for the series aim to encourage debates on life course research in various countries and regions across the world. Volumes in this series will be of interest to researchers, professionals and policy makers in social sciences and related fields.


The series is edited by a team of scholars affiliated to the Swiss LIVES Centre: Flavia Fossati (UNIL), Andreas Ihle (UNIGE), Jean-Marie Le Goff (UNIL), Núria Sánchez-Mira (UNIL) and Matthias Studer (UNIGE).


If you are interested in filling a gap in coverage, providing a focus on a certain area, or contributing a new perspective or approach, we would be delighted to receive a book proposal from you. The book proposal should include a description of the proposed book, Table of Contents, unique or special features compared to competing titles, anticipated completion date, and CV with brief biography. The book proposal can be sent to the publisher, Evelien Bakker, at evelien.bakker@springer.com.

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  • Flavia Fossati,
  • Andreas Ihle,
  • Jean-Marie LeGoff,
  • Núria Sánchez-Mira,
  • Matthias Studer

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