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This book series aims to publish monographs and edited volumes that examine how Chinese culture has been circulated, redeployed and reinterpreted around the world since the 15th century. In this book series, Chinese culture is understood broadly, ranging from canonical texts, philosophical/religious systems and aesthetic tastes of the educated elites to cultural artefacts, festivals and everyday practices of ordinary people. This broad definition of Chinese culture is to serve two purposes. The first is to encourage research that views Chinese culture not just as a home-grown construct serving the Chinese in their native land, but also as a symbol, a site where diverse meanings can be generated for global conversation and transnational exchanges. The second is to provide an opportunity to researchers to publish works that examine how China is used, metaphorically or figuratively, in the recent debates on modernity and post-modernity. The series welcomes proposals from multiple disciplines in connection with the study of Chinese culture, including language and literature, history, philosophy, politics and international relations, media and cultural studies.


Series Editors

Tze-ki Hon, Research Institute for History and Culture, Beijing Normal University (Zhuhai campus)

Hok Yin Chan, City University of Hong Kong, China


Associate Editor

Haipeng Guo, Beijing Normal University & Hong Kong Baptist University United International College, Zhuhai, China


International Editorial board

Roger Ames, Beijing University, China; University of Hawaii, USA

Tongdong Bai, Fudan University, China

Chai-feng Chang, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Dennis Kat Hung Cheng, Hong Kong Education University, China

Robert J. Culp, Bard College, USA

Xin Fan, Cambridge University, United Kingdom

Monika Gänßbauer, Stockholm University, Sweden

Ko-wu Huang, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Yong Huang, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

Michael Lackner, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany

Pui-tak Lee, Wuhan University, China

Shaoyang Lin, University of Macau, Macau

Yujiro Murata, Doshisha University, Japan

Eric S. Nelson, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China

On-Cho Ng, Penn State University, USA

Tak-Wing Ngo, University of Macau, China

Kuang-Che Pan, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Chih-yu Shih, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Dominic Sachsenmaier, University of Göttingen, Germany

Julia Schneider, University College Cork, Ireland

Geir Sigurösson, University of Iceland, Iceland

Qing Sun, Fudan University, China

Ishii Tsuyoshi, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Haiming Wen, Renmin University, China

Lu Zhao, NYU-Shanghai, China

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Series Editor
  • Tze Ki Hon,
  • Hok Yin Chan

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