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Active Volcanoes of the World

Active Volcanoes of the World

Series Editors: Cimarelli, Corrado, Muller, Sebastian

ISSN: 2195-3589

International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI)

Who Are We? 

The Association represents the primary international focus for research in volcanology, mitigation of volcanic disasters, and research into closely related disciplines, such as igneous geochemistry and petrology, geochronology, volcanogenic mineral deposits, and the physics of the generation and ascent of magmas in the upper mantle and crust. The objectives of IAVCEI are to promote the study of volcanoes and volcanic processes, past and present, and of the chemistry of the Earth's interior; to encourage, initiate, and coordinate research and to promote international cooperation in these studies; to arrange for the discussion and publication of the results of scientific research on volcanology and on the chemistry of the Earth's interior and to encourage volcanologists to alert appropriate authorities to the importance of adequate surveillance of active and potentially active volcanoes and of volcanic risk assessment.

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