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This series covers monographs, both authored and edited, conference proceedings and novel engineering literature related to technology enabled solutions in the area of Humanitarian and Philanthropic empowerment. The series includes sustainable humanitarian research outcomes, engineering innovations, material related to sustainable and lasting impact on health related challenges, technology enabled solutions to fight disasters, improve quality of life and underserved community solutions broadly. Impactful solutions fit to be scaled, research socially fit to be adopted and focused communities with rehabilitation related technological outcomes get a place in this series. The series also publishes proceedings from reputed engineering and technology conferences related to solar, water, electricity, green energy, social technological implications and agricultural solutions apart from humanitarian technology and human centric community based solutions.

Major areas of submission/contribution into this series include, but not limited to:
Humanitarian solutions enabled by green technologies, medical technology, photonics technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches, IOT based solutions, smart manufacturing solutions, smart industrial electronics, smart hospitals, robotics enabled engineering solutions, spectroscopy based solutions and sensor technology, smart villages, smart agriculture, any other technology fulfilling Humanitarian cause and low cost solutions to improve quality of life.
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Series Editor
  • Amit Kumar,
  • Ponnuthurai Nagaratnam Suganthan,
  • Jan Haase

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