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SpringerBriefs in Mathematics

SpringerBriefs in Mathematics

Series Editors: Bellomo, N., Benzi, M., Jorgensen, P., Li, T., Melnik, R., Scherzer, O., Steinberg, B., Reichel, L., Tschinkel, Y., Yin, G., Zhang, P.

ISSN: 2191-8198

SpringerBriefs in Mathematics showcases expositions in all areas of mathematics and applied mathematics. Manuscripts presenting new results or a single new result in a classical field, new field, or an emerging topic, applications, or bridges between new results and already published works, are encouraged. The series is intended for mathematicians and applied mathematicians. All works are peer-reviewed to meet the highest standards of scientific literature.

Titles from this series are indexed by Scopus, Web of Science, Mathematical Reviews, and zbMATH.

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