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Religious Studies | Journal of Dharma Studies (Societies)

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Journal of Dharma Studies

Journal of Dharma Studies

Philosophy, Theology, Ethics, and Culture

Editor-in-Chief: R.D. Sherma; P. Bilimoria

ISSN: 2522-0926 (print version)
ISSN: 2522-0934 (electronic version)

Journal no. 42240

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About our Editors-in-Chief

Rita D. Sherma

P_Rita Sherma_95x120px
Rita D. Sherma is the Director and Associate Professor at the Graduate Theological Union’s Mira and Ajay Shingal Center for Dharma Studies, Co-Chair of the Sustainable Societies Initiative, and Core Doctoral Faculty at the GTU, Berkeley, CA. Formerly, she was the Swami Vivekananda Visiting Professor in Hindu Studies, at USC, Los Angeles, where she was the recipient of the USC 2014 Professor of the Year Recognition Award for her contributions to the student body. Dr. Sherma is the Vice-President of DANAM (Dharma Academy of North America). Her published and pending volumes include Woman and Goddess in Hinduism: Reinterpretations and Re-envisioning • Hermeneutics and Hindu Thought: Toward a Fusion of Horizons • Dying, Death, and Afterlife in Dharma Traditions and Western Religions • Engaged Hinduism: Service as Spiritual Practice • Hinduism and the Divine (forthcoming). Read more

P. Bilimoria

Purushottama Bilimoria, PhD is Editor-in-Chief of SOPHIA; Editor of Sophia Studies in Cross-Cultural Philosophy of Traditions and Cultures; Honorary Fellow at Deakin University and the University of Melbourne, Australia. Additionally, he is Distinguished Teaching Faculty with the Center for Dharma Studies, Graduate Theological Union; Visiting Professor at University of California, Berkeley. His areas of research cover Indian philosophy and comparative ethics; Continental thought; philosophy of religion, diaspora studies; bioethics, and personal law in India.

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For authors and editors

  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    The mission of the Journal of Dharma Studies: Philosophy, Theology, Ethics, and Culture is to employ theoretical and empirical methodologies for the intersubjective understanding of, and real-world applications of the conceptual resources, textual sources, and experiential practices—including ritual, social, ethical, liturgical, contemplative, or communitarian—to foster critical-constructive reflections on Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist traditions (what is now referred to as Dharma Studies). The journal seeks to contextualize these traditions in reference to the contemporary global era, with large diasporic populations that affiliate with these religions to be found across the globe. The journal seeks to cultivate scholarship that simultaneously uncovers both the interconnected histories of these traditions and, simultaneously highlight the significant differences and rich diversity of philosophy and practice found within these Dharma Traditions. The scope of the journal lies beyond purely descriptive, journalistic, methodologies and moves towards an expansion of Dharma Studies to intersect with emerging areas and disciplines with the aim of a robust and rigorous interdisciplinary discourse on Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist Philosophy, Theology, Ethics, and Culture in engagement with areas including but not limited to:

    §  Sustainability Studies and Religions

    Ø  Ecological Economics

    Ø  Environmental Ethics

    Ø  Social Equitability 

    Ø  Peace and Conflict Studies

    §  Medicine and Religion

    §  Contemplative Studies

    §  Aesthetics and Semiotics

    §  Consciousness Studies

    §  Philosophy of Ritual

    §  Theology and the Natural Sciences

    §  Religion and Bioscience

    §  Cross-Cultural and Diaspora Studies in Religion 

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