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SpringerReference Trial Terms and Conditions

Springer is offering institutions a trial to the SpringerReference website.

The Trial Agreement covers access to the entire SpringerReference website. Usage statistics will be provided to any institution that participates. The trial can start at any date and lasts 60 days.
Participating institutions must agree to the terms and conditions of the trial. They will comply with the ‘trial procedure’ as described in the Trial Agreement.

SpringerReference Trial Terms and Conditions 

  • SpringerReference access will be setup by IP authentication. The Trial Institution will supply the relevant IP addresses to Springer.
  • Trial Institution must not restrict access to end users during the trial.
  • Trial Institution also must agree that during the trial, Springer may notify end users within the instituion that a trial is being conducted. Only end users that have opted in to the SpringerAlert and/or ISI email services will receive the trial end user eMails.
  • The Trial Institution or its end users shall not use any robots, spiders, crawlers or other automated downloading programs or devices to continuously and automatically search, index or retrieve any content accessed online under the Trial Agreement.
  • The Trial Institution or its end users is/are not permitted to archive and/or redistribute any of the content covered in this trial. All copyrighted material should be respected.
  • Authorized Users may browse, search, retrieve, display, download, print, and store single copies of individual articles or book chapters for scholarly research, educational and personal use as long as such use is not made for further distribution, publication, transfer or access by others and is otherwise consistent with §107 of the United States Copyright Act regarding fair use (17 USC § 108).